01. What can i expect during our first session?

So glad you asked! Our first session together will be a deep dive into everything about you as it relates to your current struggles. You’ll have my undivided attention as we walk through your medical health history, your experiences with different eating plans, your current lifestyle, (supplements, stress levels, and sleep) and your health goals. 

Our session together is informal. I’ll be asking you a lot of questions but there will also be plenty of time for you to ask yours. Think of this as your health-boosting team meeting! 

As an integrative practitioner, getting a thorough understanding of exactly who you are and your health history helps us to get you on track for feeling your best. As a Registered Dietitian, I believe in you achieving your best health with steady energy and balanced hormones. We can’t form your personalized plan to move forward if we don’t know where we are starting. 

I’m so excited for the opportunity to help you feel your best. 

02. What about our follow up sessionS?

Our follow up sessions are our opportunity to see what parts of your goals and plans are working, and what needs to be adjusted. 

Effective nutrition is very personalized. This is why I only work with clients who I think I can really help and am able to give very personalized recommendations. 

During our follow up sessions, we go over anything new such as new lab results, supplements, if you were able to achieve your goals from the previous session, new meal or recipe ideas, and so on. 

03. how do i know if you and i are the right fit?

Great question – it is important to work with healthcare professionals who get to the bottom of things. I am excited to dig deep to unlock the mystery of why you haven’t felt your best. Before we book an appointment together, I’ll provide you with an application. If I don’t think that we’re a good fit to work together, we can talk about alternative options and I can provide you with referrals. 

But chances are, we are going to be a great fit. I love when my clients have that moment where they realize they have come to the right healthcare professional. And because of our partnership, they actually can get to a place where they feel healthy and confident in their body and food choices!

04. what if i have a question in between sessions?

I use a private software platform called Practice Better to track and collect all of your personal information, safely and securely.  Through Practice Better, you can message me at any time. My goal is for you to always feel supported as we are working together. 

05. are your appointments virtual?

Yes! Feel free to wear your favorite yoga pants or no pants at all - I will never know! 

06. do pre-paid nutrition counseling sessions expire?


Investing in nutrition packages to work with me is an investment in yourself (you deserve it!) and grants you savings. Nutrition bundles are non-refundable but don’t expire. 

07. do you offer meal plans?

I’m not a one-stop-shop for a generic meal plan and here’s why: I’m here to guide you on your journey to find your health and happiness, by enhancing your gut health. 

Unfortunately, meal plans are often a one-and-done approach by nutrition professionals and don’t take your lifestyle into account. 

I offer functional lab testing to see what your gut and body need to feel amazing and then work with you to create a personalized functional nutrition plan to get there. 

I also offer my clients recipe ideas that are personalized and tailored to their likes, dislikes and lifestyle. These ideas can be in a “meal plan” format but are not meant to be followed to a T - we use these more for meal inspiration. They also come with a grocery shopping list so you know exactly what to buy to make the recipe. 

08. do you take insurance?

What is it worth to you, to stop feeling crummy, to have great digestion and to feel confident in your body? My clients are women who are motivated and ready to invest in themselves, just like you. 

You’re worth it. 

My clients are self-pay; I do not bill for insurance but I am happy to offer payment plans if requested. 

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