25-minute discovery call - complimentary

During our 25-minute discovery call, we chat about your biggest struggles and goals and determine if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your nutrition, health and wellness goals. 

If we’re not a good fit, I’ll refer you to another qualified practitioner who I feel might be more helpful to you based on your needs.

So - what have you got to lose, besides another day of feeling overwhelmed with what to eat and not getting to your health goals?

75-minute initial consult

During our comprehensive first session together, we’ll review your medical history, your relationship with foods, and relevant lab work.

Your current health status didn’t happen overnight. This means we need to uncover the root causes of your current health struggles in order to set the stage for lasting changes. I use functional nutrition to help women like you feel empowered, to make good choices, without those fad diets. I give you the functional nutrition tools to make lasting change. 

30-minute follow-up sessions

Do you feel super busy? I get it - that’s why I keep our follow up sessions short and sweet, but comprehensive. We continue the things that are working for you and adjust what is not, answer your questions, and set new goals to keep you moving forward. These sessions are also a good time to go over any labs that we run together and supplement protocols. 

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Katy S.

 met with Tava and she put me on a detox which was simple and easy to follow. I felt great but had more work to do. I felt motivated. We met weekly and she educated me on nutrition and lifestyle. I always thought I knew this stuff, but she filled in the blanks for me and it changed my life.

Taylor D.

I met with Tava for an hour consultation and she couldn't have been nicer. Went through my whole health history, and she talked me through acid reflux and what foods instigate it. She helped me figure out what foods to eliminate and how to eat properly to fix what was bothering me. 

Jill M.

Tava gave me help when I most needed it. She believes what she promotes! If she can help me, then I know she is waiting to roll up her sleeves and help anyone who wants to make a change to a healthy lifestyle.

Mallory M.

Tava is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a compassionate dietitian. Tava aided me in understanding the positive and negative effects foods have on the digestive system. She has also assisted me to heal my stomach, find recipes and plan meals while avoiding all of my food allergies. 

Angela L.

Because of Hub Healthy, I now feel that I am empowered to take care of my health. I choose how I eat as a form of self-care, I have grown to love loading up my plate on vegetables, and have made the necessary shifts to feel really good about how I'm taking care of my body. I feel so grateful for Tava's support and guidance, she's amazing!

Jessica M.

I no longer have an all or nothing mentality regarding healthy eating; I am exercising regularly again, and eat more veggies per serving than I ever thought possible. Do yourself a favor, and connect with Tava immediately!

Abby S.

Tava is very knowledgeable and led me in the right direction with diet and supplements and because of Tava I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person!!! Tava has taught me how important it is to eat whole foods and how what you eat can effect another part of your body as well.

Alisha G.

Tava was incredibly supportive to my concerns and worked with me every step of the way. I am forever grateful, and very happy to say that after just 6 weeks my stomach issues are gone! She is truly a treasure and has helped change my daily life for the better. 

Priya S.

Super down-to-earth, never lectured or made me feel judged. She understood where I was with my health and fitness goals, my medical history and how my life - personal and professional- play into my habits. Instead of being superstrict, she helped me to see what options I could create for myself

Don't just take my word for it...

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 Let's get you feeling confident in your body, focused and symptom-free. 

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